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Homeowners Policy 


Does my homeowners policy automatically cover me if I lose my ring?

No. A standard homeowner policy only provides a minimal amount of coverage for fire and theft subject to your deductible. Jewelry coverage can be purchased for loss, breakage, theft, etc. for approximately $10 per $1,000 in coverage, with no deductible. 

Does my homeowner policy cover me if my tree falls on my neighbor’s house?

It depends. If the tree is alive with green leaves then you are not liable. If the tree is dead, then your homeowners policy would possibly provide protection due to negligence. 

Does my homeowner policy include water and sewer backup?

No. Most homeowner insurance companies do not automatically provide this coverage. Certain companies offer this coverage as an endorsement to the homeowner policy. Contact your agent for cost and details.

Does my homeowner policy provide replacement cost coverage in the event of a loss?

Most companies provide replacement cost on homes that qualify. Age, condition, and size are all determining factors. Contact you agent for details. 

Does my homeowner policy cover earthquake?

No. A homeowners policy must be endorsed to provide coverage for earthquake and there is an additional premium based on the size and value of your home. 

Does my homeowner policy cover flood?

No. A separate flood policy must be written through your agent to cover flood and rising water. This policy is independent of your regular insurance policy and often times require a flood elevation certificate before quoting can occur. This type of certificate can be obtained through a surveyor. 

Does my homeowner policy cover my 4wheelers, go-carts and mini-bikes while kept at my home?

No. The policy will not cover any type of motorized vehicle on the property unless it is used solely for the intended purpose of maintaining the premises (lawnmower, tractor, etc.) Golf carts maybe covered but contact your agent for specific details.


Automobile Policy


Does my automobile policy cover my utility trailer while attached to my vehicle?

Yes. The automobile liability will extend to the trailer while connected to the auto. There is no physical damage coverage for the trailer unless you trailer has its own coverage. 

Does my automobile policy include coverage for glass breakage?

Not automatically. You must have comprehensive coverage to qualify for the free glass coverage in S.C. (Applies to windshield, back window, and side glass) 

What is collision coverage under my automobile policy?

Collision coverage applies when you are involved in an at-fault accident and need your vehicle repaired less the deductible. 

What is comprehensive coverage mean under my automobile policy?

Comprehensive Coverage includes theft, vandalism, wind, hail, fire, flood, and contact with an animal. Repairs to the vehicle are subject to your deductible. 

Does rental reimbursement coverage under my automobile policy cover me if my car breaks down and needs repair?

No. Rental reimbursement only applies when your vehicle is involved in an accident and not for mechanical breakdown.

What can make my auto insurance rates increase?

At-fault accidents, moving violations, collision losses, youthful operators, change of address, change of automobile and coverage. Insurance companies are very concerned with claim frequency. 

What does uninsured motorist coverage mean on my auto policy?

Uninsured motorist coverage is a mandatory coverage on all auto policies. It provides protection for your vehicle and passengers should you be hit by an uninsured or unknown party. The deductible is $200 by law. 

What does underinsured motorist coverage mean on my auto policy?

Underinsured motorist coverage is optional and provides you protection in the event someone else is at-fault in an accident but does not have adequate coverage. The deductible is $200 by law.

Can I purchase towing coverage under my automobile policy?

Yes, and the cost is typically minimal. The coverage provides reimbursement subject to your policy limit. This coverage applies to mechanical breakdown as well as accidents. Frequency of towing related claims can impact your automobile rates. 

When do I add my teenage son/daughter to my auto policy?

Once the youthful operator obtains a beginners permit you need to call our office. The premium will not be adjusted until the operator obtains a restricted license. We need the operators full name, date of birth, date licensed and permit/ license number. Discounts are available so please discuss with your agent.




When I have a claim who should I call?

We suggest you call our office first to discuss the claim and let our team of experts assist you in the process. If our office is closed, please refer to our web site or your policy to obtain company claim information. Check our carrier list on our web page for more company information (click on carrier to connect to their website).