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Key Features

  • Higher Interest
  • Higher Limits
  • Preferred Rates

Do you currently have an account with Countybank?

  • Higher ATM, debit card, and mobile deposit limits*
  • No monthly fee is qualifications are met each statement cycle
  • Interest earned on balances over $10,000
  • Free standard checks (2 boxes a year)
  • Free cashier's checks
  • Unlimited refunds on another bank’s ATM surcharges when you use their ATM, and waived Countybank ATM service changes when you use another bank’s ATM**
  • Free Online Banking with Bill Pay***
  • Preferred rates on CDs, money markets, and loans****
  • Free/discounted Safe Deposit Boxes (based on availability)*****

It's easy to qualify for a Preferred Checking account.

Customer must meet one of the following options to qualify for this account and to avoid a monthly fee:

  • Maintain an average daily balance of $10,000
  • Or maintain an average daily balance of $50,000 in deposits or loans
  • If account relationship requirements are not met, account holders are subject to a $30 monthly service charge

Do you currently have an account with Countybank?

*ATM and point of sale limits are increased with customer authorization, unless customer requests otherwise.

**It is the intention of Countybank to credit your Preferred Checking account with an amount equal to the surcharge fee assessed by other financial institutions when you use non-Countybank ATMs. We will refund all surcharges assessed by other financial institutions per statement cycle. Since the surcharge is automatically debited from your account by other financial institutions as part of the ATM transaction, Countybank does not have access to the exact dollar amount of the surcharge. Therefore, on occasion, your account may be credited for an amount greater than or less than the amount of the actual surcharge.

***Third-party fees may apply

****Preferred rates on installment loans are subject to credit approval. Rate may vary based on several factors including credit history, amount, and term of loan.

*****Safe deposit boxes are not insured deposits.