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General Banking


What identification do I need to open an account?

You will need a primary form of identification (ID). Examples of a primary ID are a State Issued Driver’s License, State Issued ID, USA or Foreign Passport or Military ID. If you do not have a primary form of ID, you will need two secondary forms of ID. Examples of secondary ID are a Voters Registration Card, Medicare/Medicaid Card, US Citizen Identification Card, or original or certified US birth certificate. If your current address is different from what is on your primary ID, please bring proof of your current address such as a College or Student ID, Auto Registration/Insurance Card, Insurance or Utility bill (with current address and dated within the last 30 days), Property Tax bill, or Pay Stub (issued within the last 30 days).

What is Countybank’s routing number?

Countybank’s ABA routing number is 053206819. The routing number is also called an ABA number or routing transit number. You can find it in the lower left-hand corner of your checks.

Can I still use my debit card if I’m traveling?

Yes. When traveling internationally, it is a best practice to notify us at least 48 hours prior to traveling so that we can ensure that your card does not get blocked.

Please call us at 864-942-1524 or 800-726-8689 with your card number, travel dates, and the location you are traveling to ahead of time.

When traveling domestically, we recommend you use your card as debit (requiring a PIN) as often as possible. These transactions are less likely to get blocked.

How do I activate my debit card?

To activate your debit card, please follow the instructions below:

  • To activate your card, please call 1-800-992-3808.
  • Continue to follow the voice prompts to set your Personal Identification Number (PIN).
  • After setting your PIN, you can begin using your debit card.

What do I do if my Countybank debit or credit card is lost or stolen?

Report your card immediately by calling one of the following numbers during or after business hours: 864-942-1524 or 800-726-8689.

What do I do if I suspect I am a victim of fraud?

If you suspect you have been a victim of fraud, call us at 864-942-1524 or 800-726-8689 immediately.

Visit our online education center to learn more about how to protect yourself against identity theft.

What are the cut-off times for electronic transactions?



ATM transfers & deposits


Payment App transactions


External Digital Banking transfers


Mobile Banking deposits


Internal Digitial Banking transfers


Some items may show as pending immediately; however, only transactions made before the times listed above will post the same business day. Transactions made after the listed times will post the following business day.

How do I reorder checks?

Visit our secure website and follow the prompts to place an order for checks. Order checks


Digital Banking


What is Online Banking?

Online Banking is a way to access your accounts through a browser. You can view eStatements, account balances and history, make transfers, pay bills, view checks written, make loan payments, set and receive alerts to help monitor your accounts, and more.

How do I enroll in Online Banking?

Visit Countybank’s secure online banking portal.

How do I access online banking?

Access your online banking account using the blue Log In button in the main menu bar.

How do I recover my online banking account?

I have multiple accounts. How do I name them so that I can easily identify each account?

  • Log into your online banking account.
  • All accounts should be visible on the Home screen.
  • We encourage you to nickname your accounts to make them easily identifiable.
  • From the Home menu select Settings, then choose the tile labeled “Manage Accounts.”
  • Select the account, click the pencil icon next to the account, and enter your preferred account nickname.

How do I sign up for eStatements?

  • Log into your online banking account.
  • From the Home menu select Settings, then choose the tile labeled "eStatement Delivery Preference."
  • Select "Get Code," then type the code into the verifty field and click "Verify."
  • A Statement Delivery screen will display all accounts. Click on the pencil icon, choose "E-Statement" from the Delivery Type drop-down menu. Click save, and accept the pop-up disclosure.
  • Confirm that the email address listed is correct. You will also have the option to enter a second email address. Click save to confirm all changes.

How do I access Bill Pay?

  • Log into your online banking account.
  • From the Home menu select Transactions, then choose the tile labeled “Pay with Bill Pay.”
  • If you need to access the full bill pay site for more manageability, from the bill pay page select the tile labeled “Options” and select “visit full site.”

We have also developed a helpful guide for customers on how to access bill pay.

How do I pay my bills online?

  • Visit Countybank’s secure online banking portal
  • Click on the “Bill Payment” tab.
  • Pick a bill you want to pay.
  • Enter the information from your bill.

We have also developed a helpful guide for customers on how to pay bills using online banking.

How do I set up and make an external account transfer?

We have developed a helpful guide for customers on how to set up and make an external account transfer.

Where can I find my account number?

  • Log into your online banking account.
  • From the Home menu select Settings, then choose the tile labeled “Manage Accounts.”
  • Countybank’s routing number is 053206819 and can be found in the footer of the Countybank website.

Where can I view and update my contact information?

  • Log into your online banking account.
  • From the Home menu select Settings, then choose the tile labeled “Contact Info”

How do I navigate business online banking?

We have developed a helpful guide for business customers on how to navigate business online banking.


Mobile Banking


What is Mobile Banking?

Mobile banking is a way to access your accounts through your mobile phone. Depending on the type of phone you have you can view balances, transfer funds, deposit checks, pay bills, and find a financial center near you.

How do I access Mobile Banking?

  • You must enroll in online banking before you can log into Mobile Banking.
  • Download the Countybank mobile app via iPhone® or Android™.
  • Once the App is installed, the Log In screen to sign in to Mobile Banking will appear. Log in using your User ID and Password that you created for online banking.

I’m unable to access mobile banking using the Countybank app.

  • Try deleting and reinstalling the Countybank app.
  • If you continue to experience issues, please contact our customer service team at 864-942-1524.

How do I turn on touch or face ID in the mobile app?

Select “Touch ID” in the login screen and follow the prompt. Once touch ID has been set up, if you are also interested in setting up face ID, log into the Countybank app. From the Home menu select Settings, then choose the tile labeled “Touch/Face ID.”


Mobile Wallet


What is Mobile Wallet?

  • Mobile wallet is a virtual wallet that allows customers to store payment card information on a mobile device. Mobile wallets are a convenient way for customers to make in-store payments and can be used at merchants listed with the mobile wallet service provider.
  • Using mobile wallet, customers can set up their Countybank debit card through one or more of our partners—Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay (depending on their device).
  • Mobile wallet provides customers with a convenient way to pay for goods and services using their smartphone, smartwatch, or another compatible device (like a tablet).

Is Mobile Wallet secure?

Mobile wallet is both secure and a preferred method of payment to physical cards and cash, which are easier to steal. Mobile wallet can also help protect against fraud and identity theft.

How do I set up Mobile Wallet via Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay?

To add your card to Apple Pay:

  • On iPhone®, open the Wallet app and tap the plus sign. From there, follow the onscreen instructions.
  • On Apple Watch™, open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone and select “Wallet & Apple Pay,” then tap “Add Credit or Debit Card.” From there, follow the onscreen instructions.
  • On iPad®, go into Settings, open “Wallet & Apple Pay,” and select “Add Credit or Debit Card.” From there, follow the onscreen instructions.

To add your card to Google Pay:

  • Download the Google Pay app from Google Play or the App Store
  • Follow the instructions to add your Countybank Visa® card
  • Verify your card if needed. Then you're all set!
  • Look for the contactless payment symbol at checkout

To add your card to Samsung Pay:

  • Open the Samsung Pay app, and follow the instructions to add your Countybank Visa® card
  • Verify your card if needed. Then you’re all set!
  • Look for the contactless payment symbol at checkout

How do I use Mobile Wallet once set up?

  • Customers can use their preferred mobile wallet provider (Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay) by using their mobile device to pay in stores without swiping their card.
  • Note: The store must support Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay; appropriate signage is typically displayed to promote that this type of payment method is available.
  • If applicable in store, customers pay with a single touch of their finger using Touch ID.


Mobile Deposits


What do I need to use Mobile Deposits?

To use Mobile Deposits, you’ll need the following:

  • Download the Countybank mobile app via iPhone® or Android™.
  • A checking or savings account

Do I have to endorse my check before I deposit through Mobile Deposits?

  • Yes. On the back of the check, sign your name and write “Mobile Deposit to Countybank.”

Why did my check get rejected?

Your check could have been rejected for several reasons including:

  • Your check image was not clear.
  • Your check exceeded the daily limit of $3,500.
  • Your check was a duplicate deposit.
  • Your check was not properly endorsed.

How do I know my deposit was received?

At any time you can see the status of the deposit by selecting Deposit and then View mobile deposit history. Once a deposit is accepted, it will have a green checkmark beside it within mobile deposit history.

Where can I view electronically deposited checks?

  • Log into your online banking account.
  • From the Home menu select Transactions, then choose the tile labeled “Online Activity.”
  • Select the “Deposited Checks” tab to view your electronically deposited checks.

What types of checks are not accepted through mobile deposits?

You can deposit personal or business checks payable in U.S. dollars and drawn on any U.S. financial institution. The check must be payable to, and endorsed by, the account holder.

Please note that special requirements stated on the front or back of the check may prohibit mobile deposit.

You cannot deposit the following items through mobile deposit:

  • Traveler’s checks
  • Money orders
  • Savings bonds
  • Federal government checks
  • Advertisement loan checks
  • Checks payable to any person or entity other than the person or entity that owns the account into which the check is being deposited.
  • Checks payable jointly, unless deposited into a joint account with all payees available
  • Checks containing any alteration Checks suspected as fraudulent
  • Checks drawn on a financial institution located outside the U.S.
  • Checks not payable in U.S. currency.
  • Checks dated more than six (6) months prior to the date of deposit.
  • Checks that have previously been submitted through Mobile Deposits or another remote deposit capture service offered at Countybank or any other financial institution.
  • Checks drawn on a home equity line of credit, or other convenience checks.
  • Checks without a check or account number in the MICR line at the bottom of the check (Example: counter checks)
  • Checks with writing or printing that obscures any part of the MICR line

When will my deposit be available if I use Mobile Deposits?

Funds are normally received within two business days. The time the mobile deposit was submitted determines when it will be available, unless a hold was placed on the check or the check was rejected. If the mobile deposit is completed after 4:30pm, it will not be available until that evening or the next business day. Please keep your paper checks until the funds are posted to your accounts.


Bank to Bank Transfers


What do I need to know about bank to bank transfers?

  • If you have an external bank account set up in Web Bill Pay, you can transfer money between banks using Transfer Money.
  • You can initiate a one-time transfer, or set up a repeating transfer based on a schedule that you define.

How do I add an external bank account to utilize the Transfer Money option?

  • On the Transfer Money page, click the Add an Account link under “Transfer Money with Other Financial Institutions”
  • Fill out the form by entering the following for the external account:
    • Account Nickname (what you’d like to name the account)
    • Account Type (Checking, Savings, or Money Market)
    • Routing Number
    • Account Number
  • The account will need to be verified by the following process:
    • Wait 2 business days
      • Web Bill Pay will make two test deposits and one test withdrawal into the account you are adding.
    • Find 2 test deposits
      • You will need to look at the transactions of the account you are adding to identify the test deposits.
    • Enter the deposits in your Countybank Web Bill Pay
      • You will be asked to enter the two deposit amounts in order to verify you own the account.

How long does it take to process an account transfer?

The Transfer Date is the date that the money is withdrawn from the From account. Transfers are typically deposited in your To account on the transfer date. Transfers may be delayed three business days depending on the transfer amount or five business days depending on the selected From account.

What are account transfer limits, and how are they set?

  • There are daily and monthly transfer limits, and they are determined based on info that we received from the consumer credit reporting agency that verified your info when you enrolled.
  • Your transfer limit can be seen under the Amount field on the Transfer Money screen.

Can the transfer limit be raised?

  • This limit can’t be raised but can increase the more transfer money is used.
  • Transfer limits may vary based on the direction of the transfer.

Are there fees associated with Bank to Bank Transfers?

  • There is a $2 fee for transferring funds from a Countybank account to an external account.
  • There is no fee for transferring funds into a Countybank account.

How long is my transfer history stored?

  • You can review your account transfers for the past 84 months on the Transfer History page.
  • The initial view of Transfer History includes the past month of transfers, but a date range can be searched to view older transfers.

Can I download my transfer history?

  • Yes. You can download your transfer history to a comma-separated values (CSV) file.
  • You can import the file into a number of different personal financial software applications.