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Are you considering refinancing while mortgage rates are low?

Following a series of interest rate increases in 2023, mortgage rates have started to fall and are expected to continue a downward trend in 2024. Many homeowners are closely following interest rate changes with the hope of refinancing their home at a lower rate.

Let us help you secure the best rate!

Sign up for our mortgage rate watch program today.

Are you looking to take advantage of lower interest rates in 2024 by refinancing your home? Countybank Mortgage can help! Our team is closely monitoring interest rates with the goal of helping you refinance at a lower rate.

  • Simply email [email protected] or call (888) 441-4890 to be added to our mortgage rate watch program.
  • Our team will help you identify an interest rate you would like to target based on your needs.
  • We’ll monitor interest rates on your behalf and reach out when your target rate is available.

Reach out today so our team can help you identify lower interest rate refinance options as they become available to help you save money.