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Let us customize a cash management solution for your growing business. With the right services, you’ll cut costs and add efficiency.

  • Expedite all of your payments
  • Accelerate cash flow
  • Reduce returned checks
  • Secure transactions
  • Pay vendors and suppliers quickly and conveniently
  • Transfer funds from other institutions into your Countybank account
  • Deposit payroll automatically to employees' accounts with ACH
  • Reduce costly expense of paper checks
  • Simplify payroll process and save valuable employee time
  • Consolidate operations into one account
  • Simplify accounting
  • Easy to manage
  • Make secure transfers
  • Fund your Zero Balance Accounts
  • Use it with a Sweep Account to earn interest overnight
  • Turn idle funds into revenue
  • Maximize investment balances
  • Increase profitability without adding work
  • Use it with your Cash Concentration or any business checking account
  • Funds are swept into an interest-bearing account
  • Funds are swept back into checking to cover expenses
  • Fully automated and secure
  • A cost-effective way to concentrate deposits and fund disbursements
  • Ideal for companies with multiple divisions, stores, or units
  • Keep separate accounts for bookkeeping and management
  • Eliminate idle balances and increase earnings
  • Automatic transfers when you need cash
  • Transactions are completely secure
Help prevent mail theft and check fraud with our Positive Pay service.
  • Automatically compares payments presented for payment to those in your check issued file
  • Sends alerts when a mismatch occurs
  • You decide whether or not to approve the payment
  • Timely return of money should fraud occur
  • Increased peace of mind knowing your information is receiving increased security
Payee Match Feature
The payee match feature adds an extra layer of protection by matching the payee on the file you upload to checks posted against your account.* Contact your relationship manager if you are interested in enrolling in Positive Pay or adding the payee match feature.

*Countybank cannot take responsibility for any potential loss related to the payee match feature if you choose not to enroll in payee match.

Our fraud guide includes additional information on check washing, Positive Pay, and the payee match feature.