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Greenville, Greer, and Spartanburg Vicinity

Photo of JD Nelson III

JD Nelson III

Mortgage Division Manager

Direct: 864-331-2212

Office: 864-234-5626

Fax: 864-234-8296

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NMLS #: 89658

Photo of Brandon Calhoun

Brandon Calhoun

Mortgage Consultant

Direct: 864-331-2214

Office: 864-234-5626

Fax: 864-234-8296

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NMLS #: 107812

Photo of Eva Drake

Eva Drake

Mortgage Consultant

Direct: 864-331-2216

Mobile: 864-398-1701

Fax: 864-331-2166

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NMLS #: 1865882

Photo of Dan Lewallen

Dan Lewallen

Mortgage Consultant

Direct: 864-335-2437

Mobile: 864-979-4464

Fax: 864-331-2015

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NMLS #: 120240

Photo of Gina Parrish

Gina Parrish

Mortgage Consultant

Direct: 864-331-2209

Mobile: 864-706-8042

Fax: 864-331-2186

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NMLS #: 1950521

Photo of Rich Vaughan

Rich Vaughan

Mortgage Consultant

Direct: 864-331-2223

Office: 864-234-5626

Fax: 864-234-8296

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NMLS #: 107818

Greenwood and Abbeville Vicinity

Photo of Richard Thomason

Richard Thomason

Vice President & Mortgage Consultant

Direct: 864-942-3261

Office: 864-942-3261

Mobile: 864-993-3540

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NMLS #: 475844

Anderson Vicinity

Photo of Lee Ayer

Lee Ayer

Mortgage Loan Consultant

Office: 864-958-2399

Fax: 864-234-8296

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NMLS #: 320903

Photo of Amy Broome

Amy Broome

Mortgage Loan Consultant

Office: 864-314-7309

Fax: 864-234-8296

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NMLS #: 178921

Photo of Sonya Royston

Sonya Royston

Mortgage Loan Consultant

Direct: 864-276-2036

Office: 864-622-2692

Fax: 864-234-8296

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NMLS #: 1290047

Knoxville, TN Vicinity

Photo of Dan Hall

Dan Hall

Regional Manager

Direct: 865-963-0409

Office: 865-963-0406

Fax: 865-963-0407

Email Dan Hall

NMLS #: 113440

Photo of Tiffany Walker

Tiffany Walker

Mortgage Consultant

Direct: 865-963-0408

Office: 865-963-0406

Fax: 865-963-0407

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NMLS #: 184921


Photo of Heather Dillard

Heather Dillard

Senior Loan Processor

Direct: 864-331-2237

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NMLS #: 875418

Photo of Megan Thomas

Megan Thomas

Mortgage Loan Processor

Direct: 864-331-2221

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NMLS #: 1732005