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About the Heartbleed Security issue
What You Need To Know About The Heartbleed Internet Security Issue

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  • Help Us Wipe Out Cancer!

    The Dragon Boat Upstate Festival is an annual event to raise money for cancer research and treatment right here in the Upstate. Countybank has two teams that will be paddling for a cure. This year the races are scheduled for Saturday, May 3. Click here to see our team page, see videos of the teams, learn more about the festival or donate online if you'd like to help!

  • Free Financial Tips and Advice for You, Your Family and Your Business

    Countybank maintains two web sites that are packed with useful information: Click here to visit to help you with your finances and other important aspects of life, and for business people and entrepreneurs, click here to visit for stories about how to be more efficient, productive and grow your business. If you haven't taken a moment to visit these treasure troves of information, take a moment to check them out today!

  • Looking for ID Theft Protection?

    Not all programs are the same. Countybanc Insurance offers Identity Shield. Learn more.

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