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Your employees work hard for you. Our employment benefit plans provide a solution that works for and benefits your employees. Planning for the future is important — and providing a retirement solution for your workforce is a benefit they will appreciate and value. We currently offer the following plans: 

401(k) Plans

Widely used, these plans offer flexibility and professional management of your employees' retirement assets. Employee contributions are made on a regular schedule. As an added advantage, an employer is allowed to match these contributions and treat them as an expense for tax purposes. 

Profit Sharing Plans

This type of plan is funded through discretionary or voluntary contributions of a percentage of profits, or by a set formula as decided by the company. There are no required contributions to this plan annually, and employees do not contribute to them, providing maximum flexibility to the employer. 

To learn more about our Retirement Account Services, call us at 864-942-1569

Current Employee Benefit Plan Customers

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