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You deserve a bank that puts you first. Discover the difference a real community bank can make.

What Sets Us Apart?
Real, Personal Banking.

We've always believed that banking should be a personal experience, that your local teller should know you by name, and that real connections to the community make the difference between a good bank and a great one. But somewhere along the line, banking changed. Today, customers are flooded with 1-800 numbers and automated systems — the furthest thing from a personalized banking experience. But not here. As a real community bank, we've been putting people first since 1933, and today, we're helping our neighbors bank differently.

Customized Services. Personal Touches.


Nowadays, offering mobile banking, free checking accounts, and no minimum balances isn't enough for banks to stand out. That's why Countybank goes above and beyond. We have all the services you would expect from a big bank, like checking, savings, mortgages, and even auto loans. Our difference? Real people with real phone numbers who know your name before you hand them your debit card.


Small businesses are at the heart of every community. That's why we go the extra mile to make sure ours are thriving. Our custom banking solutions ensure that every small business has exactly what they need to better serve our communities. And when unforeseen circumstances arise, we're always there to lend a helping hand. Just take a look at how Countybank approached PPP loans during the pandemic.


For us, there's nothing worse than seeing one of our neighbors in need. Especially when we can do something to help. We started Countybanc Insurance Services* to help our friends and neighbors protect what matters most to the them — their families, businesses, homes, and everything in between. It's just one more way we're doing our part to keep our communities happy, healthy, and safe.

We're Not Like Other Banks, and We're Proud of That.

At Countybank, taking care of our communities is our number one priority. After all, that's what we'd want from our bank, too. That's why our teams are constantly going above and beyond to deliver real, personalized service.

Ready to Bank Differently?

If you want something more out of your relationship with your bank, you've come to the right place. Come see what happens when your bank puts you first.

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