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  • Custom Business Loans

    Custom Business Loans

    • Customize a loan to meet your specific business needs.
    • Buy equipment, get working capital, increase inventory.
    • Friendly, experienced service from Countybank.

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  • Business Line of Credit

    Business Line of Credit

    • Ideal for short-term financing and immediate cash needs.
    • Pay interest only on the amount you use.
    • Reuse as needed without having to reapply.

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  • Business Credit Cards

    Business Credit Cards

    • Increase your company's purchasing power
    • Earn rewards, or take advantage of a low intro rate!
    • Get free employee cards with customizable credit limits

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  • Small Business Administration Loans

    Small Business Administration Loans

    • Ideal for starting your own business
    • Making large purchases for commercial real estate or equipment
    • Creative solutions from industry experts

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