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Please Note:

Dear valued customer,

Thank you for choosing Countybank to be your local community bank. Our mission is to serve you as a trusted resource for all of your financial services needs.

One of our goals as your bank is to keep you informed. Countybank’s Transfer Money partner will discontinue this service, and Countybank customers will no longer be able to access Transfer Money through Bill Pay starting November 15, 2023. 

We encourage you to take the following steps in preparation:

  • Stop using Transfer Money by November 10, 2023 to ensure all pending payments are processed.
  • Cancel any recurring or future dated payments you may have set up in Transfer Money.

Countybank is pleased to offer an external Account to Account transfer function for customers to transfer funds to other accounts you own. To set up your external accounts:

  1. Log into your digital banking account
  2. Navigate to Transactions > Manage External Accounts
  3. Enter the routing and account numbers and click submit. Micro deposits will be sent to the recipient account (this will take one to two business days). 
  4. Retrieve the micro deposits amounts from the recipient account.
  5. Once you have the micro deposit amounts, navigate to Manage External Accounts. The accounts pending verification will appear at the bottom of the page. Click verify and enter the micro deposit amounts. The account is now linked and available for transfers.

We have developed a helpful guide for customers on how to set up and make an external account transfer.

Alternate options for sending money include:

  • Countybank Bill Payment (sends a paper check to the payee)
  • Mobile wallet (Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay) using your Countybank debit card
  • Using another money transfer mobile app to send money

Thank you for allowing Countybank to serve you. If you have any questions, please contact us at 864-942-1500 or visit one of our financial center locations.