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From the power of Kasasa Saver to youth accounts and high-yielding savings vehicles, Countybank has a way for you to build your nest egg. Compare these great accounts and find the one that best fits your needs and goals.


Minimum Balance to Earn InterestMonthly Service FeeMonthly WithdrawalsMinimum Deposit to Open
Kasasa Saver®

Earn above market-interest rate plus build savings with automatic transfers of Kasasa Cash rewards

N/A$02 per month free$25
Classic Savings

Save for any occasion- build an emergency fund, save for vacation, taxes, etc.

$200$3.50 waived with $200 balance or automatic scheduled transfer2 per month free$25 with an automatic scheduled transfer
Youth Savings

Teach good savings habits to children or teens, help them save for college.

$25$3.50 waived with $25 balance2 per month free$25
Money Market

Earn market rates with greater access than traditional savings account.

$1,000$15 waived with $1,000 average daily balance6 per month free$1,000
Certificates of Deposit (CDs)

Lock in higher rates on extra cash that will not be needed for a period of time

HSA Checking

Tax advantaged account for healthcare expenses, must be combined with High Deductible Health Plan. $25 enrollment fee.

HSA Money Market

Tax advantages account with tiered rates; use for healthcare expenses in combination with High Deductible Health Plan. $25 enrollment fee.

$1,000$06 per month free$1,000