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Swipe Your Card. Donate to Local Community Organizations.

In December 2023, we asked you to help us support local non-profit and charitable organizations.

Community Involvement & Donations

Giving back to our communities and helping them grow and prosper has always been an essential part of Countybank's mission. Our associates actively support and participate in volunteer opportunities throughout the year.

In addition to our volunteer work, sponsorships, and donations, we provide funding to nonprofit and charitable organizations in our local communities through the Countybank Foundation, established in 1971. This year we are on track to contribute more than $150,000.

Swipe Your Card to Donate to Local Community Organizations

We invited you to support local businesses by shopping local during the holiday season, and help us support our local communities’ non-profit and charitable organizations.

For the entire month of December 2023, each time you used your Countybank debit card for a transaction, including online shopping and Apple Pay, you helped us get one step closer to reaching our goal to donate more than $150,000 to local non-profit and charitable organizations.

December 2023 Campaign Results: The bank reached its maximum contribution goal of $5,000!

Local Non-Profits & Charities that the Countybank Foundation Supports

  • Community Initiatives
  • First Light
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Hospice & Palliative Care of the Piedmont
  • Salvation Army
  • Soup kitchens across the Upstate
  • United Way
  • And many more

Learn more about how we help our community.